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We offer our services to domestic and trade customers across Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Whether it's parts, accessories or tools - we are here to supply all your motoring needs.

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If an item is not in stock we can usually get it for you within 24 hours and we can order parts in for any make and model of car.

Brake Pipes and Number Plates

The brake pipe is an important part of the braking system. It is used to transmit brake fluid using hydraulic pressure from the brake pipe to the calipers. We can make these whilst you wait.

Not only can you receive brake pipes made to order but you can also have number plates made to order. We make number plates in a variety of sizes to match the car.

Key Cutting Services

If you require an extra car key for your vehicle and don't want to pay the prices you would be quoted at manufacturer delears then we are perfect for you. Using an existing key we can cut extra keys for your vehicle, and even for your home.


If you need a photocopier, whether it's for duplicating flyers or posters, then come into our showroom.

Fax Bureau

A lot of houses don't include a fax machine and a lot of people wouldn't have easy access to one. Well now you do, if you need to fax an item to any fax number then you can come into your showroom and use our fax machine.

Battery and Alternator Checks

Car batteries can stop working before your car stops. If you think that your battery has stopped working properly and would like to get someone to check it then bring your vehicle into Patchway Autoparts.

This checking service also covers alternators. Are you receiving a dashboard light saying that your battery needs looking at? The alternator charges the battery and having this light on might mean that the alternator is not working correctly.

We are also more than happy to offer our customers free and honest advice.

"Thousands of parts for millions of cars."

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