Brake Pads in Bristol

Replacement Pads from Patchway Autoparts

Here at Patchway Autoparts we stock a wide range of replacement brake pads that are suitable for all make and models of vehicles.

We stock the top brands of brake pads including Feroda, APEC, LPR and TRW. If there is a brake pad that we don't have in stock then we can order it in for you. We also sell a wide range of brake discs as well.

Our experienced trained staff can offer FREE impartial advice on the parts. As most of the brake pads are stocked on premises we can give them to you straight away. We also sell special service tools to help replace the pads.

If you need to dispose of the old brake pads then hand them into store and we will dispose on them responsibly.

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Brake Cylinders

Brake Cylinders

A brake cylinder transferred the pressure a driver exerts onto the brake pedal and converts it into hydraulic pressure. This then forces hydraulic fluid into the caliper causing the brakes to close on the disc, slowing the car down. If your brake caliper fails then you lose the abaility to brake whilst driving.

Brake Shoes

Brake Shoes

Brake shoes carry the brake lining to the drum brakes. So in practice when the brakes are applied while driving, the shoe with the lining moves to press against the inside of the drum which creates friction. This process creates heat and so to ensure that the drum does not over heat the brake shoes must be checked and replaced if need be.

Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid is a necessary part of the brake system on your car. If your brake fluid is running low then your braking becomes less efficient.

Brake Bulbs

An essential signal of driving these can be replaced with ease once one has blown. A bulb for each make and model of car is usually held in stock by Patchway autoparts. If it isn't in stock then it can be easily ordered in and fitted.

Brake Callipers

Brake Calipers

A wheel cylinder is part of the braking system; again their job is to exert force to stop movement of the vehicle. The performance begins to reduce when they start to leak and therefore they need replacing.

Brake callipers aid the brake pads by gripping on to the disc brake in order to stop the car. There is a wide variation of brake callipers depending on the make and model of the car.

The metal of the callipers can become worn, rust and corrode due to the passage of time. If they are not replaced the brakes become less efficient as it slows the braking system. It is therefore essential to ensure that they are checked and replaced when needed to remain safe on the road.     

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Here at Patchway Autoparts we offer free impartial advice and a friendly knowledgeable service. We are the only independant autopart store in North Bristol. We are competitively priced and customers love our walk in service.

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